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September 30, 2013
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Operation: G.N.A.R.L.Y. logo by Coonfoot Operation: G.N.A.R.L.Y. logo by Coonfoot
EDIT: Changed a few letters after I found out what they actually looked like in this font. Also changed a word in the acronym. "Admirable" didn't sound like it was enough.

If you're for the movement of the same name, here's the logo for you to use anywhere you want -- as long as you're for the cause.

BTW, it took me a while to come up with a decent looking A.
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LOL! That would be a great hypothetical Kids Next Door episode! At least on
kaptin-kawaii Feb 25, 2014   General Artist
Gnarly, dude! *bad pun*

I guess i'm in since i'm still a supporter of Nick (wow much "s" lol).

I mean, yeah the cartoons back then were good; Rocket Power, MLaaTR, Invader Zim, "old" SpongeBob, Danny Phantom, the occasional Jimmy Neutron, etc etc. But in my eyes; cartoons aren't getting worse, they're just evolving. Changing styles, changing humor, changing story elements(?), etc. You don't see cartoons in the style of '90s or early-'00s cartoons anymore, but thinking now, i feel there's a reason; maybe artists are experimenting with new styles. You don't see many '90s or '00s cartoons in the style of '80s cartoons, right? (well, maybe except for shows like Tom and Jerry and Looney Toons, but i'm focusing on Nick/original CN here.) 

I mean i guess you can bring styles back or use inspiration; but personally as an artist i want to find my own unique style; a style that says "me!" (I once had a style where i thought the eyes looked too similar to the 2D Gumball characters, so i tried changing it. i think my current style reflects me much better now.) And plus, if you use a particular style for too long, it can get old. 

Long ramble short; this sounds cool, i'll read the journal thru, and i'll likely support this. :)

And by the way, that "a" looks perfect. As if i could ever re-create the Nick font X__X
kaptin-kawaii Feb 25, 2014   General Artist
Whoops, i feel like i completely missed something important X__X In that big paragraph, i meant to say i still like the cartoons airing on Nick these days. But that was probably made obvious :P Also to add; as much as a sucker for nostalgia as i am (in a sane, "more as memorable than as a bash-supporter" way), maybe it can sometimes/somehow form an illusion that the past was better? Heck; i find it highly possible that the people who grew up with '70s-'80s cartoons found the '90s cartoons to be just plan weird.... Similar to how some people (or '90s fans) find the '10s cartoons to be weird? :P
Carapuna Jan 4, 2014  Professional General Artist
I'm in. I think it's stupid how they lost a lot of fans just because they added new shows or changed old ones a little. Good job on the logo.
VirusReloaded Oct 19, 2013  Student Filmographer
Im in!
MasterghostUnlimited Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
count me in
Excellent article.
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